Bartenders Guide

Draft Punk Camp Guide

What is Draft Punk?

Draft Punk is what you make it. Do you want to teach yoga? host a cupcake workshop? host a pasties and pastries brunch? Flow arts? Do it! Make it happen! Bring up your idea at a camp meeting or on the Facebook discussion page, and we will add it to our schedule. We are here to support you.

Draft Punk is famous for its afternoon bar, operating from 1-5pm Monday - Saturday. We gift ice-cold canned beer and cocktails in a fun welcoming environment.

Draft Punk embodies Burning Man’s 10 Principles - Learn It, Know It, Live It.

Read the Burning Man Survival Guide that comes with your tickets. Keep a copy by the toilet!

What does DRaft Punk have to do with Daft Punk?

Far in the future from now, robots steal our name, "Daft Punk," from "Draft Punk." Then, they stole our music. We came here to steal it back.

Is Daft Punk playing the Trash Fence this year?

"This is a secret. So don't tell anyone. Tonight. Midnight. At the Trash Fence. I can't tell you any more, or I'll get in trouble."

How much does it cost?

$10,ooo (TBD) and two cases (48 beers) of canned beer per person.

When do I have to pay?

By July 15. Dues pay for camp infrastructure, transport, etc. All of which are in excruciating detail in the finances link in the camp plans which can be found in the documents section of the Facebook group.

Really? Does each person have to bring two cases of beer?

YES. We stock our bar with this beer and then give it away every day, so it’s important that you bring it with you. If you can’t bring it yourself, you need to arrange in advance for another camp member to bring it for you. This beer is separate from beer for your own personal consumption. You are welcome to have a beer at the bar when we’re open, but bar beer is mainly for our guests. Good beer is appreciated, but you already spent enough on this shit show, so buy whatever you want. PBR is a good classic cheap beer that is on sale this time of year. Buy it in Reno or Fernly if you don't want to carry it all that way.

I have a great idea! Why not use kegs?

Kegs actually cost more, are difficult to manage, and transport. Also, canned beer allows Draft Punk to distribute the beer transportation responsibility to everyone.

Where is Draft Punk located?


What do I do when I Arrive?

Congratulations! You made it!! The line sucked!!! Celebrate! Say “Hi!” Have a beer!

Meanwhile, we will try to figure out where to locate you. A camp layout will be posted in the Facebook group. This is more aspirational than set in stone. Things change, we adjust. It can take a while to figure out your exact location.

Check in with Flabio, or Carla, and drop off your case of beer (remember to bring cans only, no bottles). We will store all the bar beer in a beer tent behind the bar. Don’t put your beer in the beer tent until you are checking in. Also, keep it out of the dust and don’t open the case. This just makes it easier to keep track of - all in the interest of not running out before our last day.

Draft Punk Bar

This is home base. Everything is centered around the bar.

We are open daily from 1-5pm or until we run out of the daily beer allotment. We specialize in ice-cold beverages and speedy service.

Sign up for bar shifts at the Camp Meet and Greet Monday at 11am. Minimum of 3 bartenders per day but more never hurts, and working the bar is a blast.

Camp Rules

  1. Private area. Only camp members and their accompanied personal guests in the private area. Only camp members may camp with us, i.e. your friend can’t pitch their tent in our camp or park their car/RV in the camp. Even if there is plenty of room, even temporarily. If you see someone you don’t know pulling in and setting up, introduce yourself and politely establish that they are in fact camp members. Some people don’t realize it’s a placed camp. Some do - but don’t care.
  2. Don't use drugs. Do not use illegal substances in the open. Do not invite strangers in the camp to share any illegal drugs. Remember, even a young extremely convincing looking burner could be undercover.
  3. MOOP. Cigarette butts, glitter, bits of plastic are all considered MOOP. Clean up anything you drop. If it can be seen, our camp can get dinged for leaving it behind.
  4. Bicycles. MOOP includes bicycles or anything else you wish to gift to the Playa upon leaving. If you want to leave something behind, find somebody to take it first. There are a couple of options for donating bikes at Burning Man.
  5. Gray Water. Do not dump your untreated used water onto the playa. Water can be disposed of by sprinkling it on the streets outside the camp. See the end of this rant for more gray water info → .