Camp Guide


Prior to your shift.

  1. Clean Up - The previous days bartenders should have left the bar clean for you, but if they didn’t, clean up (drain coolers, wipe down the bar, collect moop).
  2. Get Ice - Get Bar Ice at Arctica. Carla will give you cash for this. You want to have the ice at the bar an hour before you open, so you can ice the day’s beer. Lines at Arctica are sometimes long. Plan accordingly. Don’t let the ice bags touch the ground or use the ground to break up the bags. It transfers playa dust into the cooler and makes a muddy mess.
  3. Ice Beer - We have a large ice chest behind the bar. Put as much of the daily allotment as will fit with good ice coverage. If there’s more, leave it to the side and ice it as you make room.
  4. Stage Beer - Gather all your daily beer and stage it before you start dumping it into the cooler. Count 24 at a time. You will lose count otherwise.

Pro Tip: Don’t rip up the boxes that the beer comes in. This creates moop and makes it harder for us to pack out the garbage. Open all the flaps then lay the boxes flat and set them aside. ***Do NOT rip a hole in the side of beer boxes and stomp them flat.***

During your shift

  1. ID Required. We ID everyone - but use your judgement. If someone is obviously well over 21, you don’t need to card them, but most people expect it, don’t mind and usually have ID out before you ask. ID’s will take many forms - passports, foreign drivers licenses, etc. Often it’s a photocopy of an ID which is fine. We aren’t the cops or forgery experts, we just need to use common sense and show due diligence in checking. There are always rumors of sting operations carried out by underage hotties on behalf of the cops. You don’t want to get fined $10K or have the bar shut down.
  2. ID Objections - If someone objects to showing their ID, remind them that every bar on the Playa cards people, and many card everyone, regardless of age, so they better go get their ID before they go much further.
  3. BEER! We hand out full cans of unopened beer. If someone doesn’t want a whole beer they can make a friend and share it. But they can’t pour half a beer in their cup and leave the rest on the bar. If they do, please yell at them (i.e., go “Full Huey” on them).
  4. Cocktails - We will have a delicious large batch cocktail each day. There may be simple instructions for preparing it that you will learn before your shift starts. There is an ice chest of clean ice with a scoop in it for cocktails. Use the scoop - nobody wants playa in their drink. When serving a cocktail, use lots of ice. People like ice, and it makes the daily batch go farther. Once a burner finds out we are serving good excellent cocktails, they will tell their friends, and the cocktails will go fast.
  5. Shotski - We have a 4 shot shotski at the bar for our guests. Bring something to share if you want.
  6. Moop - Always be moopin. Walk around occasionally, find unattended or empty beers and dispose of them.

After Close

  1. Disperse Ice Water - dispose of any ice melt in the coolers. Use the camp watering can and disperse the water on the road.
  2. Half Full Beers -Hopefully there aren’t a bunch of half consumed beers, but if there are, collect it all in a bucket, treat with bleach, and spread with the watering can.
  3. Recycle Cans - Crush all the empties and take them to the recycling center at center camp. We will have a can crusher and mesh bags for this. Hopefully our guests have been finishing and crushing their own cans through the day so this won’t be a big job.
  4. Moop - Put the Moop in it's proper place and you’re done!

Night Time Bar Events

  • A few nights of the week (still undecided how many nights or start and end times) we’ll be hosting karaoke on a large projected screen near the bar. Come hang out, help host, sing, sling drinks. We’ll probably put out a schedule once we get there. If you want to bring some more beer other than the required case to serve at night, you're more than welcome to.
  • We’ll also probably play some late night movies (Dark Side of Oz type stuff). Details will be worked out on playa.

Bar Sound System

Mackies - Draft Punk owns a jamming pair of Mackie speakers to crank whatever tunes we want in our bar.

DJs - During the week, there a couple of TBD time slots when DJs will play our bar.

Your Bar, Your Music - Other than DJs, whoever is running the bar on a particular day is in charge of the music. Play whatever you like. Just remember, there is no internet in BRC, so download all the music you need before leaving home. Create playlists in advance. Constantly starting/stopping/changing songs is not ideal.

DJ System - If you know how to drive a DJ rig, there is a Pioneer XDJ-RX system you can borrow. Just plug in your USB stick, or connect to Rekordbox on your laptop, and play.

Mixer - We have a variety of adapters for getting audio out of your device (phone, laptop,DJ Rig) and into the mixer and out to the speakers. Really all you need to worry about is attaching your audio source to the mixer and setting the volume where you want it. Here is our mixer. The master output volume is shown below. It’s the red knob on the bottom right.

Sound System Operation

  • DANGER - If in doubt, ask for help. Mark or Havard can help. Mistakes can make VERY loud sounds and destroy the speakers or your audio source. Forget about radical self-reliance for now. Once we get to BRC, Huey will train up a few folks on the ins and outs of the system, so there should always be someone around to help you.
  • Changing Audio Sources - Before attaching or changing an audio source, turn the master volume on the mixer all the way down.
  • No Sound? If sound isn’t coming out of the speakers, don’t crank the volume up all the way. That’s not the problem
  • You No Touch Speaker Settings - Don’t mess with the settings on the backs of the speakers. The speaker volume is already set at the right level (i.e. louder than you will ever need)
  • You No Move - Don’t move the speakers without asking.
  • Ask For Help - Did we mention Ask for help?
  • Nobody reads this far. Prove me wrong.